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    Great gesture Renato. June ... records of my ... relatives ... I noticed ... left no ... so. ... looking for ... there, ... along with ... full ... Centre is
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      Great gesture Renato.

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Renato Bueno Netto"
      <rbnetto@...> wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > While being to St. Helena I went to the ARCHIVES after some
      records of my
      > family.
      > I noticed that if you don't know from what part of the island your
      > where from, getting the right information can be quite difficult.
      I noticed
      > as well that many of the people who have been there researching,
      left no
      > records back because there wasn't a proper place and means to do
      > Trying to easy things for those who go there for researches
      looking for
      > some records on the ARCHIVES I noticed that every one who goes
      > looking for records usually get their information and take them
      along with
      > themselves, not leaving any information or records back.
      > Feeling that and trying to easy things for everyone, I donated a
      > version o ANCESTRAL QUEST 11 to the MUSEUM.
      > The Museum is planning to have a VISITORS CENTRE. The idea of this
      Centre is
      > to have a place where visitors could make use of computers and
      > software for those who wish leave their own records so others
      could take his
      > own research ahead using everybody's research.
      > That was my contribution.
      > Regards,
      > Renato Bueno Netto
      > Rua nDom Alberto Gonçalves, 452
      > 80510 -340 Curitiba, PR, Brasil.
      > E-mail address: <mailto:rnetto@...> rnetto@...
      > Skypename: rbnetto42
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