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Empire's Children - Channel Four series (UK)

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  • A.H. Schulenburg
    If you have an Empire story or know someone that does, I would love to hear from you. I am working on the website for a new Channel Four Series called Empire s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2007
      If you have an Empire story or know someone that does, I would love to hear from you… 


      I am working on the website for a new Channel Four Series called Empire’s Children.  I am looking to speak to as many people as possible with Empire and end of Empire experiences or family connections, however minor - they could be personal experiences, family stories, or through friends.  We are also specifically looking for people who have done their own family history research and who may have documents and perhaps photographs relating to their personal and family connection to the Empire.   I have included more about the series and the website below and I would like to speak to people in the next couple of weeks. 


      Empire’s Children is a new six part Channel 4 television series which will be aired at the end of May.  Empire’s Children will tell the story of the end of the British Empire and the effects of its legacy, by revealing the imperial backgrounds of six British celebrities - Dame Diana Rigg, Adrian Lester, former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Steel, comedian Jenny Éclair, Shameless star Chris Bisson, and Coronation Street’s Shobna Gulati.  The show will follow celebrities investigating their past to discover how the British Empire played its role in shaping their family as it exists today.  Empire’s Children is being made by Wall to Wall, the same production company that pioneered the successful genealogy show Who do You Think You Are?  The show will be accompanied by a website which will be produced by the BAFTA award winning internet production company Illumina.


      The Empire’s Children website will be a unique, specialist online resource to help people with connections to the Empire to trace their own family history.   The website will also be a research resource for everyone with an interest in the history of the Empire and a forum for shared memories and experiences of the public about the British Empire .  The website will cover all aspects of the Empire including information relating to families who left England to make lives for themselves in the Empire and also those who came to settle inEngland from the Empire. 


      Illumina have the important task of capturing for prosperity the experience of the end of the Empire from all points of view and would much appreciate any help that you would be able to give us.


      If you give me a call on 0208 600 9302 or email samala.wagstaff@..., I can explain more about the project and call you back at a convenient time.  Any help you can give us with building this important and unique record of the Empire’s history and personal memories would be much appreciated.


      I attach a poster for distribution.


      Sam Wagstaff, Producer

      Illumina Digital
      8 Canham Mews, Canham Road
      London , W3 7SR

      T: 0208 600 9302





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