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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Shoesmith Family

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  • Kevin Purvis
    Some people not only changed their names, but also changed their dates and places of birth. Two of my ancestors from St. Helena claimed to have been born at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2007
      Some people not only changed their names, but also changed their dates and places of birth. Two of my ancestors from St. Helena claimed to have been 'born at sea' to cover their origins. In the 1940's when the Nationalist Party took power in RSA, some St. Helenians, owing to their 'mixed blood' backgrounds, destroyed all evidence of their past ( photo's, letters, books, etc. ) and did not pass family history on to their offspring. My father became a chief magistrate in RSA, during the rule of the Nationalist Government, but for many years his promotions were witheld as he was 'vaguely suspected' as being of 'oriental origin'. 
      This is aprtly why it is so frustrating to find history on St. Helenians who arrived and lived in South Africa.
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      This is VERY INTERESTING! ! because I am starting to think that my
      great-great- grandmother' s history is also not adding up! and that
      maybe she might've been married before she married my gg-grandfather
      and not mentioned it!I wonder if people changed their names when
      they arrived in south africa from the island!
      Crystal, Cape Town-South Africa

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      > I am looking for information about my Great Grandmother known to
      us as
      > Kate Alfredina Shoesmith. Her maiden name is Shoesmith and she
      > have been born on St. Helena approximately between 1850 and 1900.
      > She married Luke Culverwell from Kimberley in South Africa and they
      > moved to Zimbabwe where they married, I think in either Kimberley
      Bulawayo. They moved to Harare and brought up their family. Kate
      > take her Grandchildren on a trip to St. Helena twice, the only
      > that I am aware she visited the Island before she died.
      > I have very little information on Kate's family that resided on St.
      > Helena, but from the little research and direct contact that I have
      > had with St. Helena, there is no baptism record of a Kate Alfredina
      > Shoesmith. There is a record of a Mary Ada Sabina Shoesmith, who
      > said to be Kate. This information was passed on to me in 1997.
      > I have not made any effort since then to find out the exact
      > information for various reasons but I am very interested since
      > last surviving daughter has recently passed away and has told the
      > family that Kate's history is not what we think.
      > Any help will into where I can begin my research will be very
      > appreciated!

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