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Digital cameras and Richards

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  • jamesteebee
    Dear All, Happy New Year to you. I m afraid I m unable to help you at the moment Everett, but will say something about my Richards after I touch on the digital
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2007
      Dear All,

      Happy New Year to you. I'm afraid I'm unable to help you at the
      moment Everett, but will say something about my Richards after I
      touch on the digital cameras for Dave.

      Dave, as you will have noticed from post no.1 - from the moderator -
      the Latter Day Saints' Family History Centres can obtain, for those
      interested, certain records which they have put onto microfilms.
      These microfilms can be photocopied, though there seem to be
      limitations in some cases. Alternatively, as Alan Brigham mentioned
      in post no. 306, photos of the films can be taken with a digital
      camera. Alan mentioned that it was cheaper than paying 20p per
      photocopy - if you already possess such a camera or would, in any
      case, purchase one, and I fall into the latter category. However,
      Alan didn't mention if their are any minimum specifications to
      photograph these documents, which I'm sure are difficult to decipher
      already. So, Alan or anybody else, what type of digital camera might
      do the trick?

      Everett, yes, easy it is not. I haven't learned anything new over
      the holiday period. Nothing that is, except that my certainties were
      unfounded as they rested on unreliable sources: it appears unlikely
      that any of my Richards ancestors arrived in St. Helena from
      Ireland - I imagine,too, there was no Red Richards - and so it's
      possible that there is a connection with Thomas Richards's family,
      or then again....
      It's frustrating when time and again you hit an obstacle because
      what you took to be true was simply a story meant to paint a more
      acceptable picture of family origins.
      Yes, it's a colour thing, and yes it's the curse of South Africa:
      within South Africa under apartheid it was understandable that some
      should deny having non-white ancestors, but that they should
      continue in their lies in countries where nobody cares, i.e. the UK,
      Australia (countries to which my S.African relatives emigrated on
      the introduction of Apartheid), is terrible.
      Anyway, there is an idea that a certain James Adolphus Richards
      might have been the husband of Sophia Richards, but I will have to
      get confirmation of this. My aunt showed me a sketchy family tree
      going back to the 1810/20s but it is unclear to me how it was
      arrived at. Will report back presently.


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