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RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Knipe and Paynter Families

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  • Christine Adams
    Glennis Snell, who lives in S. Africa, is a Knipe descendant, and has privately published a scholarly and comprehensive history of The Knipes of St. Helena.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2006
      Glennis Snell, who lives in S. Africa, is a Knipe descendant, and has
      privately published a scholarly and comprehensive history of "The Knipes of
      St. Helena." I believe that she sold out her printing, but some time ago I
      heard from her, and I think she was planning on making a CD available.
      She can be reached at glennis@... for information about purchase of
      her work.
      According to her book,
      Rebecca Julia Knipe [the only Rebecca "J." that she mentions], was b. St.
      Helena 15 Sep 1861, baptized 27 Oct 1861.
      She was the daughter of Frederick Bazett Knipe, b. 25 Jun 1830.
      He married Ann Roakes on St. Helena, 23 July 1858. They were married in St.
      Paul's Cathedral.
      She does not list any information about Rebecca's marriage.

      Glennis had an opportunity to view source material that is otherwise only
      available from the Archvist in St. Helena. That's because the parish records
      are available on microfilm at a repository in S.A. [details to follow]. She
      attempted to get those records microfilmed and catalogued by the LDS, but
      for some reason, that never took place. I know that for years she was more
      than willing to share the results of her research with other St. Helena

      But, she became so inundated with requests, that she was spending more time
      on e-mail than on research. Once she published her work on the Knipes, she
      has more or less "retired" from doing "look-ups" etc. She is now at work on
      a completely different family line.

      So, as an alternative to the Archivist at St. Helena, I might try contacting
      the following library, and asking if they maintain a list of researchers for
      hire. I believe that approach would give one the best chance of getting a
      comprehensive report of Marriage, Baptism, and Burial data for a family
      line. It appears from the source notes in Snell's work that these parish
      records date from the earliest time through at least 1912.

      As you may know, the period of time just after the East India Company was
      decommissioned is a little sketchy on primary source material available.

      I am happy to share whatever information I have on my direct Knipe line, but
      that's limited, as my descendancy ends with a female Knipe's marriage in

      Office of the Church of the Province of South Africa (CPSA)
      Historical Papers
      William Cullen Library
      University of the the Witwatersrand
      South Africa

      Reference the St. Helena Film Collection

      Snell, Glennis, The Knipe Family of St. Helena. [Penny Lane Print, Ltd.:
      Praetoria, S.A.]. 2005 p. 297

      I hope this might be helpful to you or another list member.

      Christine Adams

      RE: "I'm looking for information on my great-grandmother, REBECCA J KNIPE,
      born around the 1860's and married JAMES H PAYNTER. They had a son
      PERCIVAL EDGAR PAYNTER born on St Helena on 13 June 1886. I believe
      Rebecca's mother was a SARAH KNIPE who, I guess, was born around the

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