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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: My visit to St Helena

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  • Robin Woodruff
    Thanks Amanda Amanda Jermyn wrote: Dear Robin, I myself live in the USA, although I was born in South Africa. I don t know
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 10, 2006
      Thanks Amanda

      Amanda Jermyn <astrogirl200@...> wrote:
      Dear Robin,
      I myself live in the USA, although I was born in South Africa. I don't know whether Herbert Baumann's descendants are still in SA. He lived in Port Elizabeth, and married Miemie van Huysteen. Their children were Caroline, Jeff and Johanna.
      All the best,

      Robin Woodruff <rawaldmeister@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Thank you Amanda,I assume the family still lives in SA.
      It is always interesting to hear from relatives especially if they have any documented history, photo's, recollections/ stories or other items the POW 's brought back..
      astrogirl200 <astrogirl200@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dear Robin,

      I don't know if this is of interest, but my relative, Herbert Baumann,
      was a POW on St. Helena during the Boer War. He returned to South
      Africa almost blind.

      With kind regards,

      Amanda Jermyn

      --- In st-helena-genealogy @yahoogroups. com, Robin Woodruff
      <rawaldmeister@ ...> wrote:
      > Dear Dr Schulenburg
      > I have an interest in the prisoners of the Boer War and intend
      visiting South Africa in October with a trip to St Helena from the 6th
      to the 15th November for research purposes..
      > I have a collection of walking sticks and other items made by the
      POW's and would like to do some research on the names carved on them.
      > I am wondering if there are any relatives remaining on the Island.
      I note from The Tourist guide to the Anglo Boer War printed in 2000
      that Mr Basil George whose Grandfather remained on the island was
      operating as a guide at that time.
      > I also note in Colin Benbow's book on POW's in Bermuda, Dr C.A.R
      Schulenburg' s contributions and wonder if this is a relative of your
      self. are you by any chance located in St Helena or South Africa as it
      would be of interest to meet with you also.
      > I hope you do not object to me contacting you through this media
      and look forward to your reply with interest.
      > Sincerely Robin A Woodruff
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