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  • Faltus
    This ma be of interest to you and may help in your research. If it should enlighted any information on the RICHARDS Family I would appreciate your letting me
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 25, 2006
      This ma be of interest to you and may help in your research. If it should enlighted any information on the RICHARDS Family I would appreciate your letting me know.
      Back in 1998 I received a message from TERRY RICHARDS (St. Helena) that the Newspaper (The St. Helena Herald) for 1860 had thie item in it's shipping intellence column. (The ship "Young Phoenix" American Whaler arrived 17Jan 1860,etc.) This article bears out the informationI have on it being the ship that my great grandmother arrived in New Bedford on as she was hired to help the Captain's wife and newborn child on the balance of the voyage.
      It may be of some help for you to look up the article "IN SEARCH OF SAUL SOLOMON OF ST. HELENA" that was contributed by Treavor Heart.
      You may from time to time more infomation from me as I go through my various files. I am 80 years old and am in the process of revising my records so tha my family will be able to continue with this project. Much of this information has been ignored an dis just now coming to light. Since my daughter took over the FALTUS portion (my father's ancestry) she has been able to continus back to the Roman Emporer TRAJAN. (There is still 300 years not accounted for). This personal (family history) is well worth resarching as I have court records of my great grandmother (14 generations) being tried as a witch in Newbury, Mass. (DNA Research has proven that my mother was a direct descendant.
      Didn't mean to write a book but I do get carried away with this stuff'
      Have a real good day'
      Everett Faltus
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      Dear Everett
      thanks for this information. I will go through all the info I have
      to fill in the missing gaps. I have tried the registrar on the
      island, with no luck. I will contact the priest soon to search
      through church records.
      Thanks once again for taking the time to email me the information
      you have.


      In st-helena-genealogy @yahoogroups. com, "Faltus" <faltus@...> wrote:
      > This little story may help you in your searching for the Richards
      family. According to what I have been able to find out, hder father
      was a Jeweler on St. Helena, he and his wife had six children (3
      boys and 3 girls) Elizabeth and Dianaare mentioned in the below
      story (Diana is not mentioned any other place that I know of.
      Elizabeth was my great grandmother (her daughter Minnie married into
      the MORSE Family in Acushnet. It seems that a RICHARDS arrived in
      St. Helena about the time of Saul Solomon's arrival. Thee was a
      person named There was a Census of St. Helena taken in 30 Sep 1814
      and was submitted by a Christine ADAMS and is available on LDS
      Microfilm #1259088 and lists Thomas Richards as a jeweler with 1
      woman, 3 boys and 3 girls.Another story lists Thomas as being a
      jeweler in Jamestown in 1836 so she could be one of his
      daughters. .Elizabeth was a native of the British Colony of St.
      Helena (an island in the South Atlantic).
      > She and her sister (Diana) came to the United States on a whaling
      ship when the ship stopped at the island so the captain (Shockley)
      could hire someone to take care of his wife and newborn child on the
      voyage back to New Bedford, MA. Records indicate that the name of
      the whaling ship was the "Young Phoenix".
      > She died from head injuries received when the horse bolted and
      overturned the carriage throwing her out of the carriage.
      > According to the stone in the Acushnet Cemetery, her surname was
      RICHARD (not RICHARDS). It is possible that it is an error in
      > Hope this helps and if you find out more I would appreciate any
      > Everett Faltus e-mail faltus@...
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      > From: vina_eeson2004
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      > Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 1:21 AM
      > Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist. ] JOHANNA RICHARDS / DN RICHARDS
      > I am trying to trace info on my grand mother, Johanna Maria
      > who was born in St Helena and lived in Cape Town (I think). She
      > to Rhodesia and married Fred Hickey. She died aged 26 years old.
      > her marriage certificate I have her fathers name..... DN
      > (don't know if initials stand for David Nicholas Richards). If
      > remembers them or knows of any other living relatives who may
      > fill in the gaps, please email me. I will be thrilled to receive
      > on my ancestors.
      > Lavinia

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