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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Yon/March/Bennett

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  • Labieqah Camroodien
    Hi June, Thanks for your email. I can t tie this in to anything that I have at the moment, but I ll keep it mind as I do more research. I ll be looking at the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hi June,
      Thanks for your email. I can't tie this in to anything that I have at the moment, but I'll keep it mind as I do more research. I'll be looking at the records at the LDS Family History Centre soon which I hope will help with more information - I suspect that I am missing some of my ggm March's siblings for a start.

      June Beard <goffal2005@...> wrote:
      Hello  there,
      I  thank you  for your email,  i have a friend who is related to the Marches  and  Yons  , i am not sure if its  the same relations , there were  Two John March's her father John March was  born she thinks 1916, his fathers name was Robert March they lived at Salt Spring on the Island , Her father was married  to Saul Yons  daughter  Daisy .
      And the other John March were married to Florence  Roberts .
        I do hope that this little info will be of help , my friends name is Mavis .
       regards June.                             

      L CAMROODIEN <labieqah@...> wrote:
      Hi, I've just started researching my family history and would be interested to hear from anybody who may have come across the following names:
      Richard Peters (born St Helena 1878/9) married Florence Louisa March (born St Helena 12/2/1886) - married in Cape Town 7/7/1903
      Florence was my ggm and she had a sister, Mary Jane March (born St Helena 28/5/1884), who married Albert Thomas Bennett (born St Helena 20/12/1879) - they married in Cape Town on 9/1/1905.
      Florence and Mary Jane's parents were John March (born 1857/58) and Louisa Yon (born 1862) who married in 1881.  Louisa Yon may have had a sister - Julia Yon who married James Twaites (or Thwaites) in 1879.
      I have a few other Yon and Bennett names, and an Alice March, but I've not figured out yet how they fit in.

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