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Re: Mussell family

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  • hrldrigby
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 20, 2005
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      > >
      > > I am trying to find the relatives of my wifes grandmother born in
      > St
      > > Helena about 1873.Caroline Maria Mussell. I have her marriage in
      > St
      > > Helena and information after that.
      > > Has anyone visited St Helena from UK to do family research and if
      > so
      > > was it worth the expense please.
      > > Harry
      > >
      > Hello Harry, I visited St Helena in May/June this year to research
      > my family history. Surname Thomas. I was able to trace backward 3
      > generations but not forward to my generation. It is very expensive
      > and you need at least a month if not longer for the travel from
      > England and time on the Island. Is it worth it? I loved every
      > minute of my journey. Met many interesting people and made friends
      > with whom I hope to keep in touch. It may have been cheaper to pay
      > someone to research my family history from the London Archives and I
      > probably would have got more information but the Island is unique
      > and I don't regret one penny spent on the journey, although I
      > probably won't be able to afford a return visit.
      > Diane
      > Hi Diane
      > Many thanks for the reply Diane. Looks like a big save up if we > >
      > don't do well in the London Archive.
      > Harry
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