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Mary Lions/John Christopher Caton

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  • mcdonni
    Thank you for replying to my post Lloyd, I m sorry it s taken me so long to reply but I ve been working on the other side of the family for a bit. I am really
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      Thank you for replying to my post Lloyd, I'm sorry it's taken me so
      long to reply but I've been working on the other side of the family
      for a bit. I am really bogged down at the moment! In answer to your
      question re the name Scott, I haven't come across it, but then I
      don't have any more to go on other than the photographs and
      family "word of mouth" with regard to our St. Helena connection.

      The young boy in the photograph with the dark woman and the white
      man, (also John Christopher) came to Port Phillip (Melbourne),
      Australia around 1852 where he married Annie Williams from Liverpool
      (the woman in the second photograph), an assisted immigrant. They
      went on to have 9 children, one of whom was my grandfather. Because
      their first child was born in 1855, two years before they married in
      1857, the family at that time didn't discuss their parents'
      backgrounds, which is why the photographs in the locket have only
      just come to light. One of my father's sisters gave it to her
      daughter-in-law before she died. Obviously Annie entrusted it to her.

      I have tried looking at BDM records for Capetown where John
      Christopher(2) was supposedly born, but have not found any record
      there of his birth. This would have been in the 1820s, so I guess
      the marriage between Mary Lions and John Christopher Caton took place
      around this time. Perhaps there were name changes, or perhaps they
      married elsewhere. Again, the clothing in the photographs indicates
      they were probably reasonably well off. Does anyone know if marriage
      records are available for free blacks or slaves marrying whites? Am
      I on a "wild-goose chase"? I seemm to have more questions than

      If anyone has any suggestions re other possibilities or courses of
      action, they will be much appreciated. Thanks for this forum which
      gives us the opportunity to seek help from others researching
      their "Saints" connection.

      Regards. AllyB. Victoria, Australia.
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