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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Caldwell, Daniel and Mary Manay

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  • A.H.Schulenburg
    Re: Caldwell, Daniel and Mary ManayHere is a quote from Charles Darwin s St Helena journal for 12 July 1836: My guide was an elderly man, who had been a
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      Re: Caldwell, Daniel and Mary Manay
      Here is a quote from Charles Darwin's St Helena journal for 12 July 1836:
      "My guide was an elderly man, who had been a goatherd when a boy, & knew every step amongst the rocks. He was of a race many times mixed, & although with a dusky skin, he had not the disagreeable expression of a Mulatto: he was a very civil, quiet old man, & this appears the character of the greater part of the lower class. — It was strange to my ears to hear a man nearly white, & respectably dressed, talking with indifference of the times when he was a slave."
      That is, Mary could have been any shade.
      Historically, the censuses distinguished between whites, slaves, Chinese and (at one point) Malays.  That is not to say that there may not have been slaves of Chinese origin.
      Alexander Schulenburg
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      Thanks Quintin for sending the 1814 census. It poses a mystery. Daniel married Mary Manay on St Helena on 6 Aug 1814. Mary was a freed slave which suggests she was likely black, possibly Chinese or mixed. Yet the census shows only one white woman. Were there white slaves? Were there Chinese slaves or were they all indentured laboureers? Were indentured labourers listed as slaves on the census? Would Daniel have listed Mary as white to allow her more opportunity, particularly if her colour was such she could pass for white?

      I am also looking for information on Daniel’s mother Elizabeth (nee Jacobs) Caldwell) who was widowed in 1774 (wife of Lieutenant William Caldwell).  She likely came to St Helena with William about 1770. It appears she took up with another man after William died and had two children by him -- Daniel (noted above, Bn 1788) and Richard (1781). The children kept the name Caldwell suggesting this was a commonlaw relationship.

      Any info you can shed on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


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