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RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Mary Lions

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  • John Coyle
    I lived on St. Helena from early 1967 to mid-1969, and cannot recall any rock formation which was formally or colloquially known as a lion! However, there are
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      I lived on St. Helena from early 1967 to mid-1969, and cannot recall any rock formation which was formally or colloquially known as a lion!  However, there are several headlands which, when viewed from a particular angle, may be a little like a crouching lion.  Both Munden’s Point and Ladder Hill can look a little like a crouching animal from certain viewpoints. The most likely candidate, in my view, is probably Great Stone Top, and I’ve uploaded two images of it for comparison.


      This one I took from Silver Hill in 1968:



      and this is a found panorama: look at the formation on the left of the image, which shows that Great Stone Top and The Barn may indeed look a little lion-like from such a distance:




      Great Stone Top is, from memory, just visible from Longwood.




      John Coyle




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      Ah, that's another possibility (I found http://www.bweaver.nom.sh/grant/grant.htm when I followed your advise).

      As the report is only 6 years after my GGG was there I will go through it properly when I have finished transcribing and see how the two descriptions compare.


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      > Hello Jonathan, don't know if this may have any connection to what your relative was talking about, but I have seen reference on the net before to a hill on St.Helena that is shaped like a crouching lion, not sure if it is located anywhere near Longwood though, just a thought, google lion shaped hill on St.Helena and see what comes back.
      > Good luck, regards Mary. 
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      > >I hadn't thought of that. However he goes on to say how there was very little to see. "Much of the interest attaching to the former residence of the great Emperor which was erected in 1743 as a farm and was afterwards converted into a habitation for the lieutenant Governor, is quashed when one becomes acquainted with the fact that very little of the original house beyond the foundation remains." But, if it was a form of speech he might of used, it could still mean he meant to see the 'lions' as you suggest. It is most unlike him to make a mistake like using lower case when a capital is needed as he seems to have done.
      > >
      > >Thanks for your idea, the more I think about it the more I think you might be right. I shall look out for another instance which would prove the suggestion.
      > >
      > >Regards
      > >Jon

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