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Brown(e) and Rynd, temporary residents circa 1820.

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  • phideck
    Searching for records of my ancestors temporary residence on St Helena, during the latter part of Napoleon s exile. John Brown(e), (17??-c.1823), b:UK,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2013
      Searching for records of my ancestors' temporary residence on St Helena, during the latter part of Napoleon's exile.

      John Brown(e), (17??-c.1823), b:UK, d:Africa, m:30 Nov 1815, London
      - Wife: Harriet Jane (née Montgomery?), (c.1785-18xx), b:UK, d:?
      - Son: John Henry Temple Brown(e), (1816-1???), b:S.Africa, d:?
      - Daughter: Jane Ann Brown(e), (1819-1905), b:S.Africa, d:England
      - Stepdaughter: Goodlatte(*) Mabelle Rynd, (c.1809-1887), b:UK, d:Australia
      - Stepdaughter: Maria Rynd, (c.1812-1886), b:UK, d:Bolivia

      (*) various spelling variations are found, including Goodlet, Goodlett, Goodlette, etc.

      My ancestors are Harriet and her daughter Maria.

      Harriet Jane's first husband was Goodlatte Rynd, born c.1780 in Ireland, died 16 Aug 1812, from wounds sustained 22 Jul 1812 during the Battle of Salamanca.

      Family lore has Harriet Jane being in some way connected to Lord Palmerston. Hence, her son's middle name: Temple.

      All help greatly appreciated,

      Philip Decker
      Sarasota, Florida, USA
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