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  • beakhust
    Further to my earlier reply. Amelia Bertha is my gggm and is on the extreme female side of my tree:So my mitochondrial DNA must be from Mary houndsworth. My
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      Further to my earlier reply. 
      Amelia Bertha is my gggm and is on the extreme female side of my tree:
      So my mitochondrial DNA must be from Mary houndsworth. 
      My descent:
      Amelia Bertha pollard
      M. Henry cleghorn
      Bertha eliz. Cleghorn 1850
      M. John Joseph Fleming
      Bertha Jane Fleming 1883
      M. Albert George (surname redacted)
      Bertha Ellen (s. r. ) 1912
      M. Walter w Beakhust
      So we are 3rd cousins for sure and not first cousins for sure, but are we 2nd?
      Dave b

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Colton" wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am researching my family history and have discovered that some of my ancestors were born or married on Saint Helena.
      > Thomas Pollard married Mary Houndsworth on 28th December 1824. They had 4 daughters, all born on St. Helena:
      > Elizabeth Pollard b.25/05/1821, baptised 01/03/1827
      > Amelia Bertha Pollard b. 24/10/1824, baptised 05/05/1825
      > Mary Ann Pollard b. 12/01/1827, baptised 01/03/1827
      > Betsy Pollard b. 10/03/1830, baptised 01/04/1830
      > Thomas Pollard was born in London, UK, in c.1896, the English censuses of 1841, 1861, 1871 had his occupation as a shoemaker, the 1871 census also recorded him as being deaf. I gather from information taken from The Indian Family History website that he may have been employed by the East India Company.
      > I do not know anything else about Mary Houndsworth other than what I gleaned from the Indian website i.e. her marriage details Other details are that Amelia Pollard was married to a man whose surname was Foneak, whom I have been unable to find any record of on the internet. She was probably widowed when marrying my Great-great-grandfather Henry Cleghorn on 24/12/1849 in Clapham, London.
      > I would be very grateful if your group could offer any information about the people name above,
      > Regards,
      > Tom Colton
      > Bristol, UK
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