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Re: Stroud

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  • Ben Appollis
    ... Regards Ben Appollis
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2012
      My mother is Ruth Louis Appollis ( maiden surname Stroud) . Eldest
      daughter of Sydney Seimore Stroud. Moved to South Africa from St Helena
      and married Maggie. I recall my mother saying she had an aunt in
      england by the name Enid. my mom would really like to get any information on the family .

      Im also trying to get a copy of my grandfathers birth certificate.Ive checked the south africa archives and they have no information. SA archive said it might be available on the St Helena
      He was born on the island in 29 May 1899 . If you could assist , i would really appreciate it.
      Ben Appollis

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