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Re: Cooley, Hopkins, Hercules Family

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  • Lisa
    Hi Linda, I m not sure how far you got with your research – but here is some information I found whilst investigating my `Hopkins family on St Helena. It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2013
      Hi Linda,

      I'm not sure how far you got with your research – but here is some information I found whilst investigating my `Hopkins' family on St Helena.

      It's not too detailed, as the last time I was on St Helena it was only for a short holiday, so I only had time to look up the full records of a few relatives. I was only allowed to view the index books at the Archives and then had to view the full records on microfiche in the Public Library, which is a bit time consuming, so I only managed to view a few full records. I kept the record numbers (which is the page number in the actual Archive records) for the others. It's not much, but might be a place to start!

      I found a few records for Elizabeth Hopkins as follows:
      - `Baptisms records 1849-1862' (it doesn't say which parish this is from). Record/page number 1533.

      - There is another record for Elizabeth Hopkins ........ but she was born Elizabeth Benjamin and became Hopkins by marriage.
      Details from `Marriage records 1871-1882 - Baptist Chapel @ Knollcombes' (Record/page number 836):
      Marriage of William Hopkins and Elizabeth Benjamin.
      Date of marriage: 25 Dec 1871. William Hopkins is listed as 25, Bachelor, Occupation: Labourer. Elizabeth is listed as 28, Widow. By calculation, this would make her born in/around 1843, depending on when her birthday was. (I investigated this because I believe William Hopkins may be my gg-grandfather – but this is his first marriage and my gg-grandmother was his second wife, Catherine Elizabeth Hopkins (nee Moyce)).

      I found a marriage record for Charlotte A Hopkins and Ernest Thomas Hercules.
      The record number 1921 from the `Marriage records 1882-1943' – again that's all the details I have.

      I didn't research any Cooley's – although I did find a marriage between James Hopkins and a Mary Coley.
      The record number 271 from the `Marriage records 1852-1864' – again that's all the details I have – but this might be the Hopkins-Coley/Cooley connection linking your g-grandmother ..... although the spelling is different – so maybe not???

      Oh, and there is also a record for an Edith Mira Hopkins:
      Baptisms records 1862-1912 (doesn't say which parish). Record/page number 18.

      I have all of this and details of other 'Hopkins' family in a spreadsheet which I would be happy to share with you if you think there might be something else of interest. Let me know!

      Lisa Hopkins

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, Linda wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > After years of searching for my family, I finally found a break and believe that
      > they originated in St. Helena. I would appreciate any information on the
      > following people:
      > Elizabeth Hopkins - Born either 1857 or 1864
      > Francis Ellen Coley - Born 1840
      > Charlotte Hopkins Hercules - Born about 1900 - Lived in Durban, South Africa
      > Here is how the family story unfolds. Elizabeth Hopkins, my g-grandmother was
      > taken from St. Helena (1860-1870) to New Orleans, Louisiana by Francis Ellen
      > Cooley who apparently was not her mother.There may have been a stop in New
      > York. I am not sure. Family lore has it that Elizabeth's real mother was named
      > Annie. The Louisiana 1870 census has both Francis (now called Fannie) living in
      > New Orleans. Elizabeth always told her children stories of coming over on a ship
      > with Fannie. Elizabeth claimed that her real father came to New Orleans to take
      > her back. According to her, he eventually settled in either Rhode Island or
      > Connecticut.
      > Years later in 1946, a Charlotte Hopkins Hercules writes to the New Orleans
      > Picayune paper trying to find her long lost cousin, Elizabeth. In Charlotte's
      > newspaper add, she listed my g=grandmother as "nee Edith Hopkins". In 1946,
      > Charlotte made a trip to New Orleans and stayed for a few months and then went
      > back to Durban. My mother remembers the visit but no one ever asked Charlotte
      > about the history of the family.
      > I would also like to find records of Charlotte's visit to the US. What ship she
      > took? I can't find her name on any of the passenger lists. An elderly relative
      > remembers going to pick up Charlotte, but she can't remember if she picked her
      > up from a train station in New Orleans or from the Port of New Orleans. Other
      > questions are why she had to wire money to New Orleans before her visit to the
      > states?
      > If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I have been working
      > on this for years now and would greatly appreciate any help.
      > Linda Broussard Mehlinger
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