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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Barwell

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  • Terry Jacobson
    I hate to impose, but is there any mention of a Joseph Mitton (or Mitten) in these files? Terry ... I hate to impose, but is there any mention of a Joseph
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2010
      I hate to impose, but is there any mention of a Joseph Mitton (or Mitten) in these files?


      On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 2:22 PM, <petercluer2004@...> wrote:

      Hi Colin ,Please could you have a look at the slave lists to see if the name Barwell exists.
         My gg grandfather Lawrence Malone married Elizabeth Barwell in the town church in 1840.
         She has put 3 different places of birth in 3 census in England and I cant find her birth in church records so it could be possible she was born on the island.Kind Regards Peter Cluer   
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      Hi, I have recently been transcribing the names of slaves who were valued by a committee on the island in Sep1827 in preparation for manumission. There are a number of Caesars and Casars in the list – as below. Hope this will be of use to you. I will be publishing the whole listing sometime in the future but will be using the data for articles I plan to submit to Wirebird – one of the publications sent to members of the Friends of St Helena see http://www.fosh.org.uk/  (along with Connections magazine)

      For anyone with an interest in the island, this is a very worthwhile society to be a member of.


      Name of Proprietior

      Name of Slave






      Mrs M Barnes

      Finny Caesar






      Caroline Caesar


      Washerwoman has 1 free child 3 years old unmarried



      Mrs Harper

      George Caesar


      A good stockman healthy old man of good character



      Estate of the late Lieut S Young

      John Caesar


      Cook in Mr John Young’s service character tolerably good




      Flora Caesar


      A cook and washerwoman let out has 2 free children youngest 3 years  a good servant unmarried



      Mr Greentree

      Margaret Caesar


      Not yet employed



      Mrs Lester

      Mary Caesar


      House servant and nurse of good character no encumbrances



      Mr Lambe

      Massie Caesar

      (married to Wm Caesar)


      Milk woman and poulterer has 2 free children youngest 3 years



      Mr Greentree

      Michael Caesar


      Shepherd and pastures hand a very useful boy




      Sarah Caesar


      House servant and nurse lent out



      Mr Lambe

      William Caesar


      Mower and first rate ploughman good farm labourer character formerly bad having been King’s evidence 10 or 12 years ago and about 4 years back convicted of stealing poultry since when well behaved.

      (Remark on Wm Caesar by Mr Lambe) This man has been in my employ five years and I consider him as active able and useful a farm labourer as any on this island is an excellent mower ploughman (having obtained 2 premiums for the same at the fair) a good gardener a tolerable mason a very good joiner, carpenter a thatcher a stockman can milk and make cheese and butter and on the whole is a very useful and intelligent man very healthy civil and obedient I should give him £25 per annum and rations if free and is worth to me at least £210 He was received King’s evidence against Robinson George 10 or 12 years ago – was convicted about 4 years ago of stealing a hen and chickens and punished in the treadmill since when to my knowledge no crime has been laid to his charge

      Not valued No 19

      Mr Lambe requests it be noted by the Committee that whatever value may be affixed to his slave he doth hereby make a present to each of them of the one half of the sum at which he or she may be valued as a testimony of the sincere conviction he entertains that  emancipation will prove of inestimable blessing to St Helena


      Mr G and H Alexander

      Augustus Casar


      Useful hand in the yam plantation, strong and healthy



      Mrs Broadway

      Benjamin Casar


      Useful wood cutter; a willing old servant and tolerably healthy



      Sergt Carolans Estate

      Celia Casar


      A good washerwoman and cook, a good servant no child. Let out for £12/annum



      Mr G and H Alexander

      Samuel Casar


      Good mower, mason and fruit gardener of good character has received 1 class premium of 1825 lost the sight of one eye by an accident. Healthy

      [Wirebird No 38 The Caesars of St Helena:

      …can pay down £25 which himself and his wife have made by their own industry, and wishes Government to advance him a loan of £65 which he will repay by instalments and from 15 to 20 shillings per month. He is married to a woman (Margaret slave of Capt Seale) whose freedom he purchased for £10 and has 6 free children those who are of sufficient age attend Sandy Bay Sunday School and he subscribes to the Benefit Society for the whole family. He is a mower, mason and general farm servant bears and excellent character and received a medal in 1824 for being honest, diligent, sober and respectful he is not mortgaged.

      6th Jan 1831 GA Den Taffe



      Colin Fox


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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Gardner, Timms & Caesar


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      > Researching Gardner & Caesar families. Samuel Gardner was in St Helena from about 1850 to early 1860s, as a soldier according to his marriage cert to Louisa Timms, widow. He had several children there. Louisa Timms's maiden name was probably Caesar, in which case she was probably the daughter of Samuel & Margaret, slaves.
      > Would like any confirmed details of Louisa's marriage to Timms, birth details of the 6 Gardner children plus anything else about Louisa's origins.


      Just saw your post. There are a few descendants of the Gardners who post on this site. I'm a great-great grandson of Thomas Henry Gardner who was born to Samuel Gardner and Louisa in 1857. I only discovered the depth of my family's St Helena roots earlier this year, and have been greatly helped in my research by other members of the group, espcaially Jan.

      If you look in the photo section you will see a copy of Samuel Gardner and Louisa Tim's (nee Caesar) marriage certificate, plus a copy of Samuel Casar's (the spelling changes!)emancipation paper from 1831. Samuel Casar was Louisa's father.

      I've written up most of what I know about the Gardners and Caesars on the island up to 1865 when Samuel Gardner returned home to the UK with Louisa and his six children (three more children were born in London). This information is in a Word document and is difficult to post here but happy to send to you - or anyone else - if you can provide a full email address.

      You know, there are photos of Thomas Henry Gardner and some of his siblings, too.

      Very best regards,

      John Gardiner

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