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  • David Thatcher
    Hello Nancy-Jo: I am a registered member of the St. Helena Institute website and have some tips for those of us searching for our South Atlantic ancestors. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2010
      Hello Nancy-Jo:
      I am a registered member of the St. Helena Institute website and have some tips for those of us searching for our South Atlantic ancestors.  I too found a slave connection as my fourth great grandmother (Maria Rice) was the "property" of one Thomas Yates and sold to my fourth great grandfather Corporal Nathaniel Smith.  Records indicated that this occurred sometime around 1798 as they married shortly thereafter and raised their family on the Island.  My family departed St. Helena sometime around the early 1890's and headed for Almeda, California for a bit and then to the east coast.  I was able to find considerable information on (family.com) hosted by the Mormon IGI website.  There is another website titled "India Office Family History Search" which has also proved very helpful.  Goggle the name and it will direct you to their site.  The British occupied India under colonial rule for a number of years and they have extensive records including births, deaths, marriage, and military service.  There was an integral connection between St. Helena and India during the East India Company trading days.  Hope this proves useful to you and others on the site.
      David Thatcher 
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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Does anyone know of any other records pubic on the internet for St. Helena, like marriages?


      Does anyone know of a good online source for marriage records on St. Helena?  Thanks.

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