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Re: Dasey Deasey family

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  • dopeydimwit
    Hello Michelle Ah the short story for James was that he was transported to Australia ... ultimately moved to the Inverell district in NSW ... raised a large
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      Hello Michelle

      Ah the short story for James was that he was transported to Australia ... ultimately moved to the Inverell district in NSW ... raised a large family ... died and was buried at Daseytown - just out of Inverell - (one of only two people to be buried there) and his descendants are spread all over the eastern states.

      Several family members have done quite a bit of research into the Dasey family and we were over in Inverell at Christmas.

      Daseytown and Copeton ... where many of the family are buried ... is now covered by the waters of Copeton Dam ... unless there's a severe drought and dam level drops below about 9%.

      These days there's some confusion about where the Copeton cemetery is under all that water but we're fairly sure it was exposed when we were there at Christmas time and we got within eye-sight of it. We just didn't realise what we were actually looking at until we got a good look at some of the digital photos we took.

      At the time we took them we just thought it was another hill slowly appearing above the receding waterline and we included it in a number of general photos we took of what is now really a very desolate and lonely the area.

      There's also a monument on the other side of the dam that lists the names of all those who were buried at Copeton and Daseytown. The monument was supposed to be pointing towards where the Copeton Cemetery was but, according to a local ranger who was living in the area before the dam was built, whoever erected the monument actually pointed it 45 degrees too far to the right.

      My wife - Toni - is a Dasey descendant.

      Contact me off list if you think we can help you with any further information.

      Stuart Livesey

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, Michele Dasey <mdasey@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I am looking for any information on the Dasey /Deasey family. Thomas Dasey was Irish and married Eleanor Moreley in England in December 1813 they then came to St Helena and Thomas was a mattross in the St Helena Artillery under the company command of Captain Thomas J. B. Coles. Their first son James William Dasey was born at Longwood Jamestown St Helena was born on the 22nd April 1814 and christened on 22 December of the same year.
      > According to St Helena records Thomas and Eleanor had a second son Michael Deasey born November 27th 1818.
      > Note 1 The spelling of the name Dasey in the muster records of the St Helena Artillery changed regularly according to the recorders interpretation. It ranged from Dasey/Deacey/Deasey/Deascy. Interestingly I believe Michael kept the spelling Deasey for his life while James seemed to keep Dasey.
      > It seemed the family lived on St helena for only a short time. Little information could be found on what happened to the family after 1819. There is no record of how James went from St Helena to England or what happened to Eleanor and Thomas. The next references for James appears in 1829 in the preceedings of the Old Bailey.
      > Would someone know what happened to the artillery unit and where the men were more likely to move on too so I could try and track the family. They just seem to have vanished. Even thought James William was in England at a young age (around 14) there is no record of the family on census records and I am completely lost as to where to go next. The name changing all the time does not help. Is there someone who could guide me
      > thanks Michele
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