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964Stroud Family

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  • Vivien Chandler
    Sep 23, 2008
      Hi Sue and Alan:
      Just a brief note as I am away for the next couple of days.
      Stephen Stroud was born ca 1800 in Berkshire, UK and became a soldier in the St Helena Regiment of the East India Company.  He arrived in St Helena sometime in the late 1820s and maried Sarah Bateman on 21st July 1832 in St Helena.  After he left the army he became the island's Collector of Taxes.  Stephen died in 1878 and Sarah in 1889 on the island.
      They had several children, all of whose first names began with the letter 'S': the ones I have listed here are Selina, Stephen (b ca 1840), Sarah, Silas William (b ca 1847), Sophia and Susetta but there may have been others.
      Of Stephen and Sarah's children, their son Stephen married Martha Samuel in 1857 and moved away from the island within a few years, Sarah married Benjamin Grant, the island's printer in 1866, and Sophia married, Edward Scott in 1866 who was the Sexton of St Paul's on the island.
      As mentioned in my earlier email, my husband's great grandfather, Silas William Stroud, married Eleanor Sophia Yon and they had a large family, descendants of whom still live on the island today, I believe.
      I may well have more information in my file but it is several years since I worked on this family and I will need to refresh my memory.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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