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9James Carroll

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  • moira_julie
    May 8, 2004
      My name is Moira Allen, I am just beginning to research my family
      history. My Dad is George Riley (87 and still going strong!). He is
      the son of George Riley and Mabel May Carroll. Mabel May is the
      daughter of Adelaide (?surname) and James Carroll. James Carroll
      was 44 yrs old at the 1901 census. He was born on the Island of St
      Helena, and died in London 1942. None of the family knew of my
      Grandfathers heritage, and so now, I am hoping to knock their socks
      off with even more information.
      James Carroll worked as a ships carpenter, and it looks as if he was
      at sea rather than working at port.
      Given that James was 44 in 1901, that would put his birth year at
      1857 (give or take). In 1901 he had children aged 17 (Bernard); 16
      (Mabel May); 14 (Florence); 11 (Frederick).
      If I assume James left St Helena as an apprentice ships carpenter,
      then he would have been 16 in 1873. His oldest son was born in Kent
      in 1883/4. My next job is to look to see if there are any ships
      records that refer to James.
      I am very interested to find out about James' parents, and can find
      Carroll as listed on Christine Adams list from the East India
      Company records. These are dated to 1814, I want to fill in the
      missing link sto see which of these Carrolls is my ancestor.
      I am having a ball. Any advice or info. Any new relations. Love to
      hear from you.
      Best Wishes
      Moira and the Carroll Family