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892Purkis, 1890s

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  • chris williams
    Mar 24, 2008
      Hi everyone .... recently I discovered that my greatgrandparents George and Annie Purkis and their children travelled from England to St Helena in 1890. Their ship the SS German left Southampton on 12 September 1890 and called into St Helena en route to South Africa. My greatgrandfather was a sergeant in the Royal Marines and his service record has him stationed on board ship at Capetown from 12 September 1890 to the end of 1893. So I'm trying to find out what the family was doing at St Helena (e.g. was this a stopover en route to South Africa or a longer stay). Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I live in New Zealand, and my research options (apart from the internet) are limited. Many thanks if anyone can help ... Christine.

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