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810Sea Disaster

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  • kara_rainford
    Nov 2, 2007
      I am doing family research which has brought me to this site. My
      great grandad was James Long 1862-1938, he was a ships greaser.
      According to a newspaper report on his inquest in Liverpool which I
      recently found, he was involved in a sea disaster many years before
      his death. The ship caught fire and he was in an open boat for four
      days suffering frostbite in his feet. The name of the ship and year
      are not mentioned but it may have happened near to St. Helena. It
      would have most likely been between 1880 and the mid 1930's. I want
      to learn more about this story but am stuck as I have little information.
      I would love to hear from anyone who knows of such a disaster and of
      any newspaper reports that may have been published in St. Lucia.

      Thanks, Kara.
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