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  • jean.gent
    Oct 30, 2007
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      Hi Everyone.

      I am trying to trace any decendents of Sophia Killen and John Phillips,
      my 4xgreat Grandparents. Sophia was born in 1795 a slave on the island,
      John born 1791, was a soldier (not sure where he was born) They had
      eight Children and I am decended from the first Ann Jane phillips born
      1815, who married Benjamin Parker a soldier with the EIC, he was born
      in royton Lancs Englad. The other 7 children are, John Archibald, Mary
      Ann, William Patrick, Charles Fredrick, Charles Edward, James
      Nathenial, and Amelia. Jane and Benjamin returned to England in about
      1837. Jane and Benjamin had 13 children, the first 3 Chilren being born
      on St Helena. I was wondering if there are any decendents still living
      on the Island. Sophia and John married in 1823 and remaind on the
      Island.Sophia died in 1827 and John in 1862 aged 70. I hope there is
      someone out there that can help me. Heres hoping.

      regards Jean.
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