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  • Rachel
    Oct 19, 2007

      I'm relatively new to genealogy, and very new to South African
      genealogy (so please bear with me!)

      I'm a New Zealander, living in NZ, and I'm researching Moira-Anne's
      (my mother in law's) family.

      Moira-Anne was told that her maternal grandmother, Salomina Catharina
      MATTHEUS, descendend from one of Napoleon's bodyguards: Carl
      Friedrich Benjamin MATTHEUS (also on the IGI/familysearch.org's
      website as Carel Friedrich Benjamin MATTHYSSE). Carl was born about
      1790 and came out from Prussia to St Helena with Napoleon,
      apparently. He then went to the Cape, around 1816, and married
      Wilhelmina Hermina VAN ROOYEN in Uitenhage.

      I'd like to find out more about how Carl got to St Helena, what
      exactly he was doing there (in addition to being a bodyguard), and
      any other information - but I don't know how. Does anyone out there
      know about the MATTHEUS / MATTHYSSE family origins?

      Kind regards