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718Griffin, Chaplin, and Seabrooks

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  • badlioness1
    Jun 30, 2007
      I know this is the same letter but I had to add it on again, my gut is
      telling me there is someone out here that can help me.

      Hi my name is Michelle and I was always curious about my family
      history. My mother is the daughter of Ivery Griffin and Elenor
      Chaplin.I don't know that much about my grandparents family.

      However I do know that my Grandmother comes from St-Helena.
      It would greatly appreciated if anyone knows of this surname: Chaplin.
      As for the surname Griffin, and for reason the other name Seabrooks
      connects to both names

      I don't know if any of my grandfather family members come from St-
      Helena, but if you can provide me with information it would great.

      Thank you