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717Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Moss and Solomon Family

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  • Hyacinth Clayton
    Jun 25, 2007
      Good morning,
      I don't think that this email is for me. My name is Hyacinth FM Clayton nee Veotte. I was making enquiries about an Elizabeth Bales nee Manuel who could be my greatgrandmother who lived and left St Helena Island with a daughter called Agnes. I was told that she married my greatgrandfather Domingos Baptista Pontes Veotte who was born in Lisbon Portugal and went to Cape Town South Africa.
      I hope you find who you are looking for.

      sigridmcmahon <tesi@...> wrote:
      Hello Andrew,
      Thanks for the details, I've noted everything you posted regarding
      the Moss family and with time I'm sure we'll find the connection we
      are looking for. Meanwhile, the Cape Town Archives Repository hold
      the following 1858 papers on Hannah Moss: Solomon, Hannah. Wife of
      Joseph Solomon. Will. I've written to find out how to get hold of a
      copy and will be happy to share the contents in due course. Maybe it
      will help establish some links.

      --- In st-helena-genealogy @yahoogroups. com, "am_sydney"
      <andrewmoss@ ...> wrote:
      > Dear Sigi,
      > I have a few details on the Moss family:
      > Frederick Joseph Moss and George W Moss were brothers. Frederick was
      > born at Longwood in 1826 George W Moss was born in 1838. Frederick
      > Moss moved to NZ in 1859. George also emigrated to NZ in 1863. Their
      > mother was Sarah Britton. I am still unsure who of their father's
      > name, I believe it was George W Moss who was in business with Saul
      > Solomon, but still not 100% on this. I also believe Frederick was
      > eldest child. The family lived at Longwood. I think they originally
      > came from South Africa before moving to Longwood (family note).
      > Frederick was educated at St Helena Grammar School. He began work
      > his uncle, George Britton, at Algoa Bay, South Africa. He served
      > the Cape Burghers and fought in the 'Seventh Kaffir War'. He
      > to St H in 1847 and married Emily Ann Carew, daughter of Captain
      > Carew. He returned to Natal in 1857 to settle, but due to a locust
      > plague moved to NZ.
      > I don't know if Frederick and George Moss are connected with others:
      > Hannah Moss
      > Emma Jane Moss b.1829 and married John Blackford
      > Charles Philp Moss b. 1830
      > Joseph Moss b.1834
      > (plus Isaac and George W Moss snr)
      > I suspect George jnr and Federick are the sons of George snr, but
      > sure yet.
      > My father also claims that Moss Bros in the UK had a booklet once
      > claiming connections with St Helena, but knows no more than this.
      > Hoping someone might be able to add some more?
      > Regards,
      > Andrew
      > --- In st-helena-genealogy @yahoogroups. com, "sigridmcmahon" <tesi@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Does anyone know how Hannah Moss, who married Joseph Solomon,
      ties in
      > > with George Moss (who worked with Joseph's brother Saul Solomon)
      > > Isaac Moss (who is listed as a boot and shoe maker)? According to
      > > Brown Family Papers, Joseph Solomon was betrothed to Hannah Moss
      > > before he left for St. Helena. Hannah joined him later and the
      > > were married on St. Helena in 1814. In 1831 Joseph Solomon and
      > > Moss left St. Helena with their children (Henry, Saul, Richard,
      > > Benjamin, Edward, Isabella and Margaret) for Cape Town because of
      > > better opportunities. Hannah Moss was born abt 1793, probably in
      > > London, and died in Cape Town abt 1858. She had a sister, Phoebe
      > > Moss, born abt 1799 in London who married George Bagshaw in 1822.
      > > Also: one paragraph in the Brown Family Papers says that Longwood
      > > was "secured for Napoleon" another para says in was "rented for
      > > Napoleon from the Moss family."
      > > Also: in abt. 1822 Henry and Saul Solomon(then ca. 6 and 5 years
      > > left St. Helena for England under the care of an efficient
      > > wife travelling by troop ship to spend several years with their
      > > grandmother. With them travelled an "older cousin, George Moss,
      > > a child." There is no further mention of this George Moss in the
      > > papers.
      > > Regards,
      > > Sigi
      > >

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