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666Re: The "Thomas" surname on St Helena

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  • Diane Gaskell
    Jun 7, 2007
      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for your reply. Your ancestor Geo Thomas came from where? He is not
      mentioned in the 1814 census so he could have died before then but the name
      Thomas is still only mentioned once in the census. A Thomas Thomas. Alice
      is not mentioned although she is still obviously on the island. Perhaps
      because she is now a married woman and has changed her name? The name
      Essex is not on the census because William her husband is in the St. Helena
      Regiment and would have been included in the bulk military entry I presume.
      Therefore all the Thomases seem to have disappeared.

      Do you see my problem? My Thomas family must have arrived from elsewhere
      (unless we're all decended from 1 man!!!) and I can only guess from the
      military which is a big brick wall.

      Once again, thanks for replying.


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