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  • Michele Dasey
    Mar 27, 2007
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      Hi all
      I am trying to find when my relatives left St Helena. Thomas Dasey
      (also spelt Deasey) born 1789 was in the St Helena riflemen in thomas
      B Coles Company. He was in muster records from 1814 as Dacey till
      1818 . He came across from England and had a wife Eleanor that also
      came across. While on the island he had at least 2 children that I
      could find. William James was born on 22nd April 1814 and Michael
      was born 27th November 1818.

      Are there any records surviving of passengers leaving St Helena and
      their destination. the Children ended up in England but I can find no
      records of their parents.

      Also thomas at least was supposed to come over to St Helena on the
      Gatton. I can't verify the information. Are there records for boats
      and passengers into the island

      Lastly is there an existing drawing etc of the uniform of a mattrop
      in the period of napoleons imprisonment

      I hope there is someone who can help me I have really hit a brickwall

      Thanks very much in advance