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591Re: Shoesmith Family

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  • cryswil27
    Mar 14, 2007
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      This is VERY INTERESTING!! because I am starting to think that my
      great-great-grandmother's history is also not adding up! and that
      maybe she might've been married before she married my gg-grandfather
      and not mentioned it!I wonder if people changed their names when
      they arrived in south africa from the island!
      Crystal, Cape Town-South Africa

      -- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "aldridge.fisher"
      <aldridge.fisher@...> wrote:
      > I am looking for information about my Great Grandmother known to
      us as
      > Kate Alfredina Shoesmith. Her maiden name is Shoesmith and she
      > have been born on St. Helena approximately between 1850 and 1900.
      > She married Luke Culverwell from Kimberley in South Africa and they
      > moved to Zimbabwe where they married, I think in either Kimberley
      > Bulawayo. They moved to Harare and brought up their family. Kate
      > take her Grandchildren on a trip to St. Helena twice, the only
      > that I am aware she visited the Island before she died.
      > I have very little information on Kate's family that resided on St.
      > Helena, but from the little research and direct contact that I have
      > had with St. Helena, there is no baptism record of a Kate Alfredina
      > Shoesmith. There is a record of a Mary Ada Sabina Shoesmith, who
      > said to be Kate. This information was passed on to me in 1997.
      > I have not made any effort since then to find out the exact
      > information for various reasons but I am very interested since
      > last surviving daughter has recently passed away and has told the
      > family that Kate's history is not what we think.
      > Any help will into where I can begin my research will be very much
      > appreciated!
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