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  • Beryl Segers
    Mar 13, 2007
      Hi Labieqah
      I read your posting with interest. I have been researching my father's history over the last couple of years. I live in Sydney, Australia and its very difficult doing it from here. My father I understand was born a Bennett and later adopted by the Crosher family originally from the UK but lived in Lansdowne/Claremont. I was overjoyed recently when I finally found something, the divorce of his first marriage in 1946 to Eileen Van Eyssen. If anyone in the forum can help me, he was born Bejamin Bennett and later assumed the last name Crosher. He had 3 other siblings and they were all separated. One of his sisters had twin sons who I believe would be in their 60's. Unfortunately we do not know names so its a hard slog.
      I will be visiting Cape Town at the end of this year and hope to be able to find out more details.

      Labieqah Camroodien <labieqah@...> wrote:

      ja3nf <nilfer@mail. dk> wrote:
      Do you perhaps have any information on why/how your St Helenian family ended up in Claremont.  My great grandparents and their family also lived at various addresses in the Claremont and Newlands areas.  I have also gathered that there must have been a few St Helenians living in the area and it would be interesting to know how they ended up here.
      I have been to the St Saviour's Church in Claremont as I knew that this was where my great grandparents were married and where their children were christened.  Same goes for my gg mother's sister and her family. It seems that most of the witnesses listed at these events were either related and/or were originally from St Helena too. Most of the witnesses also seemed to have attended this church and so sometimes I could see their place of birth in the records.  Some of the surnames that crop up in these records that may be of interest to this forum are Maggott, Bennett, Connolly and Yon.  There may be more - these are just the names that I happened to pick up on by looking at my family's records.

      Thanks for responding. My grandfather, John Thomas lived in Harfield
      Road, Claremont. Quite many St Helenians lived there. Unfortunately
      the whereabouts of the St Helenians,in the Cape are not well
      recorded. Keep on asking and recording. I managed to get in contact
      (via this forum) in contact with my great-grandfather' s uncle's
      offspring. It is abit far out but I received family photos and could
      see resemblances and name similarities. Happy hunting.

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