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576Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Julia Eccles (Nee Smith) - Capelolony, St Helena, SA - Daughter Matilda Eccles

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  • jimeccles
    Mar 6, 2007

      Yes, I am sure you are right about that - I must admit I came to that
      conclusion myself after I'd posted the message last night. I looked
      at the 1901 census form which I have a copy of and sure enough it is
      actually there - very faintly as the scan of the original transcript
      was a bit dodgey, but it is definately there.

      Thanks for that Kevin, another step closer I guess :) Another thing I
      found out last night whilst I was digging for info was that St Helena
      would have had a large military presence at the time Julia was living
      and I'm now wondering if g.grandad was a soldier?? Maybe there are
      military records I can search...


      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, Kevin Purvis
      <nautilus_1949@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jim, The place is almost certainly Cape Colony. It refers to the
      areas around Cape Town where early settlers lived. You can find more
      accurate details of the regions boundaries on the net. Sorry I cannot
      help more. Off to work at -23C.
      > Kevin. Mongolia.
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      > Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Julia Eccles (Nee Smith) - Capelolony, St
      Helena, SA - Daughter Matilda Eccles
      > Hello there...
      > This is my first post.
      > I am trying to find information about my great grandmother - Julia
      > Eccles (nee Smith), born in St Helena, SA around 1875. The place
      > 'Capelolony' has been provided but I have not been able to track a
      > location with this name - perhaps another name for 'colony' or even
      > spelling mistake?? Or 'Cape' something?
      > I understand she married my great grandfather in SA, who I believe
      > called Thomas Eccles (according to other documentary evidence)
      > family recollections are that he was called John Henry Eccles (from
      > UK). Julia had a daughter whilst living in SA who was called
      Matilda E
      > Eccles, so presumably Thomas (John) lived there or visited
      regularly for
      > a time. I have also found evidence that Julia had a sister called
      > Smith, also from SA. I would love to know if Julia had any more
      > siblings, or information on her parents.
      > They later moved to East Yorkshire in the UK where Julia bore
      another 5
      > children (Florence, Sarah J, Edith Maud, James Henry and Thomas
      > I have a UK census form from 1901 which details Julia (age 26) and
      4 of
      > the 6 children, but the father and the 2 youngest are not listed -
      > possibly suggesting working away from home?
      > I have no information as to why my great grandfather was in SA -
      > a merchant seaman? This would also be of great interest, also some
      > confirmation of his actual christian name. Anything which may
      > another clue to both Thomas (or John) and Julia's ancestors.
      > Any help would be much appreciated,
      > Thanks
      > Jim Eccles
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