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  • A.H. Schulenburg
    Feb 4, 2007
      Dear List Members,
      I am sorry to convey news of the death of Trevor Hearl, the renowned St Helena historian, who has been a great help to many of us, even if by the old fashioned means of snail mail.  He died aged 82 and will be much missed both as a colleague and a friend.
      One list member who greatfuly acknowledges Trevor's help is Colin Fox, who has just published a fine St Helena family history.  The details are
      Colin Fox, 'The Bennett Letters: A 19th Century Family in St Helena, England and the Cape'
      (Gloucester: Choir Press, 2006)  [256 pages, incl. ill.]
      Lastly, the St Helena Institute's webpages have moved to a new server and have been somewhat revamped by omitting much non-essential material.  They are still accessible via http://www.st-helena.org.  Further updates to the family history pages are in progress.
      Best regards,
      Alexander Schulenburg