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552Louisa Solomons (Davids)

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  • cryswil27
    Jan 28, 2007
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      hi There

      I am researching my family tree and trying to find details of my
      great-great-grandmother Louisa Solomons. Louisa Solomons was
      married to my great-great-grandfather John Solomons – but she was
      apparently married before and her married surname was Davids before
      she married my gggfather – so I am not sure what her maiden surname
      was – I am trying to find out if perhaps she could've been Louisa

      Louisa Albertina Bergquist (b2 March 1867 – parents: Charles
      Frederick Bergquist and Louisa Yon). Do you have any idea what
      happened to Louisa Albertina? Whom she married? If she had any

      My Louisa arrived in cape town from the island with children from
      her first marriage– I am not sure how many were born on the island
      or how many were born here in cape town – but by the time she
      married my gggfather – she had 4 children already: Martha, Charlie,
      Adolf and Louisa – (Martha definitely came from the island according
      to martha's grandchildren and Martha's surname was Davids) and then
      she married my gg-grandfather and had another 2: Harriet and John
      junior. I am not sure when she arrived here from the island – but I
      know that on 12 january 1901 she gave birth to her first child
      Harriet from my gg-grandfather and John was born 11 months later.
      So I am guessing that they probably got married between 1898-1900.
      at the time of Harriet's birth they were living at 3 Sheppard
      Street, Cape Town. The Cape Town Archives have not record of
      marriages before 1904 (I am in the process of tracking down churches
      that were in the area that time). It was on Harriet's birth
      register that I found that Louisa's surname was Davids before she
      married Solomons.

      Confusing info:
      When John and Louisa lived at 3 Sheppard Street – they were living
      with a Abdol and Miriam Davids who had a daughter on 14 december
      1901 – was Abdol perhaps Adolf (Dolfie) who changed his name to
      Abdol when he married Miriam? My grandfather says that "dolfie" was
      definitely Martha's brother. Martha and Adolf (dolfie) – were much
      older than my great-grandfather John junior– maybe Louisa was their
      sibling instead of their mother? We are missing a link – and it's
      frustrating! If any of this rings a bell – any information would be

      Thank you!