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  • bojaniwska
    Jan 5, 2007
      I am trying to establish the truth of a family legend relating to a
      couple called HOLDER from Uley, Gloucestershire, England. The story
      goes that while Mr Holder was stationed on the island with the British
      troops keeping watch over Napoleon, his wife became the Emporer's cook.

      The story is reported in The Story of Uley, M Lloyd-Baker, and cited in
      A History of Uley Gloucestershire, Alan Bebbington, but neither works
      provide a source.

      I have found in the English census a George Holder, born on St Helena
      in 1817, presumably their child.

      If anyone is able to shed any light on the tale I would be very
      grateful. My maternal grandfather was a Holder from Uley and I am keen
      to see if these people are related.

      Helen Bojaniwska
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