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529Elizabeth Renton

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  • bar133f
    Dec 29, 2006
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      On St. Helena in 1785 Elizabeth Renton stabbed one of her female slaves
      to death. Her husband is named as James Renton, a shopkeeper.
      Elizabeth Renton died April 1795. Did the above James Renton then
      marry Sarah Clough in April 1800? James Renton and Sarah Clough were
      my 4 x gt.grandparents and I know that "my" James Renton's first wife
      was called Elizabeth. Does Elizabeth Renton have a grave on St.
      Helena and, if so, I would be extremely grateful if someone could let
      me have the inscription on the tombstone. Were there 2 James & 2
      Elizabeth Rentons?
      Many thanks - Margaret Dyson
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