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508Missing family

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  • vbridgens
    Dec 10, 2006
      Hi ,
      This is my first post on here and i am hoping someone can help me.
      My GGrandmother Alice Maud Brown was born on St Helena c1867, her
      mother Elizabeth Walsh was born in the East Indies (dont know where)
      c1840, Alice,s father Robert Brown was born Belfast Ireland c1824.
      Elizabeth and Robert married in India in 1856 when Robert was serving
      in the 104th foot.
      On his discharge he gave his intended place of residence as Belfast
      then changed his mind and said India but he must have changed his
      mind again for my GGrandmother to be born on St Helena. What i am
      trying to find out is;
      Why they went to the island,
      Did they stay or rather came back
      What he would have done for employment,
      When they left
      I cannot find any trace of them before 1871 when they were back in
      the UK and after that either , and the Archives on St Helena cannot
      find Alice's birth records.
      I hope this makes sense, This is my brick wall and i hope someone can
      come up with suggestions on where i can look next.
      Thanks in advance,
      PS there was another chid born on St Helena, Walter Brown c1864
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