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  • jefftaylorjackson
    Nov 20 12:42 PM
      Hi Clifford,
      I do not collect postcards, but as I am researching my family
      history, I am always interested in photos of my ancestors or
      properties they either worked in or owned.
      Thomas Jackson the Chemist was born 1843 in Walkerfield Co. Durham.
      His father was a farmer, and his mother was Elizabeth (nee) Kipling.
      (I have a huge kipling database in my tree) Thomas was one of seven
      children being the second eldest. six boys and one girl. As far as I
      know all boys were farmers except Thomas. I have no Idea why he
      should have chosen a career as a chemist or how he became to be in
      St. Helena. I think he must of arrived on the Island around 1865.
      Here are some notes I have :
      Thomas Jackson, chemist, (no age given, just `Full') married a widow,
      Mary Ann Stewart on 14 July 1868, in the Baptist Church.
      Thomas Kipling Jackson, born 14 February 1869 is registered to Thomas
      Jackson & Mary Ann Ackely, his wife.
      Mary Ann Ackely, 19 years, married John Statham Stewart 9 November
      1858, in the Baptist Church. One child is registered to them - Robert
      Galbraith Stewart born 6 August 1859
      John S Stewart died 17 August 1865, aged 30 years.
      There are no other child registered to either Mary & John Stewart but
      there are two infants registered as M.R. Jackson and E.E. Jackson,
      but both died in infancy. around 1869 - 1870 to Mary & Thomas Jackson.

      However, Mary Ann Jackson died 5 January 1887 and Thomas Jackson,
      widower, married Emily L. Warren 11 December 1911. Thomas's age at
      death in the death register states 75 years. There is a snippet in
      the St Helena Guardian concerning his death, he being an Englishman
      resident here for the past 50 years. An obituary is in the St Helena
      Diocesan Magazine 1917-1922. In this they say he died at the good old
      age of 78 years. Thomas died 9th April 1918 in Jamestown, and is
      buried in the Churchyard. I have some photos of his shop, (then and
      now) along with his headstone. His only son Thomas Kipling Jackson
      came to London around 1890 and ran a chemist shop in the Kings Road
      Chelsea. I dont know when he died, but he was described as "deceased"
      on my nans wedding certificate in 1922, so he was less than 55 when
      he died. I am not sure where he died either.
      I managed to obtain a copy of Emily Jackson's book on St. Helena,
      hoping there would be some photos or mention of either Thomas, but
      sadly no mention.
      I tried your website but there seems to be a problem with the address.
      Any more info you have would be more than welcome.
      Kind regards
      Jeff in Poole Dorset.

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      > Jeff
      > Glad to hear from you I have spend the last three years plus
      trying to find out, As one of the most prolific postcard publishers
      on St.Helena and Emily being a teacher at school and of the lace as
      well as writing a wonderful book .
      > ans she found time to orgsnize the display of boer war prisoners
      > Yes Jeff any photographaphs and information would be wonderful.
      > 1.Was he born on St.Helena ?
      > 2. Who was his first wife and do you know about the children as a
      great grandson I guess you must
      > You can find me on St.Helena Postcards @...
      > I have a large collection of postcards Do You have any ?
      > Looking forward to your reply
      > Kind Regards
      > Clifford
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