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462Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] More about other Richards

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  • Faltus
    Nov 19, 2006
      Hello James,
      After reading your latest message, I noticed you may have misunderstood my lineage (especially on the male side). It was my great grandmother that came to New Bedford from St. Helena.
      My mother's father (My grandfather Everett C. MORSE) was a direct descendent from William MORSE who arrived from England on the ship James in 1635 and settled in Newbury, MASS. His lineage verifies the marriages of the MORSE families to six descendants of the Mayflower arrivals.
      My Great Grandmother (Elizabeth Richards) was the individual who arrived in New Bedford from St. Helena and her daughter (Minnie Louise WHITE) my grandmother, married Everett C. MORSE.
      I did not mean to lead you astray.
      It is odd how such a small place as St. Helena has stories about a person bringing 5 myna birds from India and how they got loose (or were released) and have taken over the island and how Saul Solomon died while on a trip to England and how his family (I believe it was his daughter) had him put into a barrell of whiskey and taken back to the island for burial because that is where he wanted to be laid to rest.
      Have you examined any of these stories yet?
      Thanks for all your answers.
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