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  • lindsayeagle1
    Jun 11, 2006
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      Dear Group,

      I am a new member, trying to find out if and when my grandmother was
      born or left the island.

      My Mom was 6 months old when when her mother died and no one has ever
      talk to her about her mother - My mom had a older sister that died a
      couple of yrs back. So it was just the two of them and after their
      mother died their father took them away.

      My Mom says she think my grandmother come of the island when she was
      six yrs old the only thing we know about her is her surname and we are
      not even sure about the correct spelling. We also don't know her first

      My grand mother at the time of my Mom's birth was in a town called
      Beuford West in the Western Cape, South Africa.

      She was married to my Grandfather who every one believes was german
      but no one is sure, he's name was George Langdon, He dies in 1939 not
      sure what age - I have someone looking into the records for me.

      We don't know what age my grandmother died.

      Hope someone out here can shed some light.

      Thank you.

      Lindsay Gordon