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401T.Jackson, + update

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  • Clifford Masters
    May 24, 2006
      T.Jackson  Birth place Unknown born c1850 place unknown
      Married Emily L Warren Born 1863 about 1900 she would have been 37when they married or there abouts.
      Alexander Lee Innes born Scotland 1833 had a son Alexander L Innes born 1869
      I think it was the Father who came to St.Helena c1900 and set up a photographers shop next to T.Jackson [the pharmacy] did he die on St.Helena in 1903 ?
      Ewin J Warren [pop] born in Paignton Devon 1874 Did he Marry ?
      He was Brother -in -Law to T.Jackson.
      And Colin Yon  I believe was His Nephew
      Has any one else any knowledge of these people

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