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399Postcard Publishers on St.Helena

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  • Clifford Masters
    May 23, 2006
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              I am researching Publishers of St. Helena Postcards from 1900.
      the Names are as follows ; T.Jackson,Chemist and shop keeper; A.L.Innes,Photographer
      E.J.Warren,Shopkeeper ; 
      T.L. Adams, Not known ;
      Colin Yon.Shopkeeper.
       I have details of E.A.Thorpe from Nick.  Any one who knows when these came to St.Helena or left or if any died on St.Helena.
      I published one set of cards in 1984 when cards almost diapeared from the shops.
         This is all part of my research into the postcards of St.Helena . I have a very large collection of about 1000 different cards but still have many to collect.
      This is why I would like to know more about these publishers
      Clifford Masters

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