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394Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Thomas Hunter

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  • Alan Baker
    May 13, 2006
      Hello again Brian. Greetings on a beautiful autumn day in the Bay of
      Islands, New Zealand.

      Here's another coincidence. My great great great grandmother was Mary Bagley
      born 1771, died 1841. She married my great great great grandfather Charles
      Joseph Sampson in 1799. The Bagley family went to St Helena after the Fire
      of London when the East India provided passage for some people who were

      The Sampson family (other than daughters who had married) left St Helena and
      emigrated to Capetown before the 1841 census after the East India Company
      regiment was disbanded. Perhaps the Hunters did too? Or to Canada or the US
      where the Orby Hunters are?

      As far as I know the St Helena burial records are not available online.


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      Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 1:57 AM
      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Thomas Hunter

      > Hello Diana:
      > Greetings on a beautiful spring day, in Lincolnshire:
      > Thank you for replying to my posting. It was a pleasure to hear of your
      > connection with, your ancestor Ann Leech, of St Helena. ( What a
      > co-incidence! )
      > The Ann Leech I refered to in my message was the daughter of Richard
      > Leech and Jane Bagley. of St Helena.
      > I believe that , her husband, Thomas ( Orby) Hunter, born 1770 was the
      > son of Sir Thomas Orby Hunter, bart.MP for Winchelsea and a Lord of the
      > Admiralty, but I have not found any documentary evidence to confirm
      > this.
      > Did you know that you can see the St Helena parish records on the Family
      > Search site? Copy the following into your internet browser.
      > http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/frameset_search.asp?PAGE=igi/search_IGI.asp&clear_form=true
      > Press return >
      > Then at the bottom of the family search form enter the Batch No.
      > 7011904
      > Select Region Ocean Islands and Country Atlantic Islands.
      > Do not enter anything else or it will not work.
      > Press return. > to see an alphabetical list of records.
      > I obtained part of the following information in this way. Let me know
      > if you have a problem with this.
      > St Helena PR's
      > Thomas Hunter ( Capt in St Helena Artillery) marr. Ann Leech, d/o
      > Richard Leech and Jane Bagley,18 June 1787.
      > Thomas Montgomery Hunter( Lieut St Helena Artillery) s/o Thomas and Ann
      > Hunter, bapt. 19 Feb 1792
      > Thomas Montgomery Hunter marr. Pheobe Elizabeth Soloman, b. 20 May 1804,
      > d/o Saul Soloman ( 1776 - 1852) and Margaret Lee, on the 15 Oct 1823.
      > Children born on St Helena.
      > Ann Hunter b. 15 Dec 1824
      > Montgomery Hunter, b. 11 Feb 1827,
      > Highland Hunter (Fem) b. 27 Nov 1827
      > Orby Montgomery Hunter b. 30 May 1833.( Later Lieut in Ceylon Rifles)
      > Grace Hunter b 11ct 1834
      > I think that most of these Hunters may have left St Helene before the
      > 1841 census, but I cannot find where they went to.
      > I do have records of Orby Hunters in Canada and the USA at a later date,
      > but I cannot connect them with the lines which I have researched.
      > Do you know if there are any burial records for St Helena, on line?
      > It would help me in my search if if I could eliminate, those Hunters who
      > died on St Helena. (I do hope that does not sound too morbid.)
      > I will let you know if I discover anyone connected to your Leech
      > ancestors.
      > Regards Brian Hunter
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