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39Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] (unknown)

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  • John Coyle
    Aug 7, 2004
      Hi Geoff, I have no idea whether there is a connection with your family, but
      in 1968 I met a young woman named Joyce Harris, a teacher on the island who
      had just come back from training in England. She would have been in her
      early twenties, I think, and lived near High Knoll.
      Strange how many Saints have connections with Portsmouth, where I grew up!
      My father's family lived in Eastney for many years, some still do, and I
      went to my first school there. I left in 1963, my family by then having
      moved closer to London, where I worked and from where I got the job which
      connected me to St. Helena.

      John Coyle
      Brisbane, Australia

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      > Okie dokie, my grandfather Bob Harris moved from St helena just
      > before the war i think,he moved to London, and worked on the trains
      > i think where he met my grandmother. then they moved on to Portsmouth
      > in or around the 70's does anyone know anythin on the Harris'?? i kno
      > there may be alot of Harris' or whateva but any lead is good enough.
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