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379Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] cryswil27 - Whittaker Ancestors

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  • Crystal Williams
    Mar 26, 2006
      Thanx - it has been frustrating for me - I don't know why my family  never kept any records - everyone knows she came from the island because she often spoke about it but no-one knows what her maiden surname was or what her parents names was.

      Violet Wagner <Wagnerv@...> wrote:
      I can't seem to reply to Crystal's message directly so I'm having to take the roundabout route.
      It is very likely that James and Louisa had a daughter named Louisa as the name has come down the generations. My grandmother, Susan van Heerden (nee Whittaker) had a sister Louisa who became a Mrs Mulligan.   My older sister's second name was Louisa, for instance, and one of my mother's sisters also had Louisa as a second name. 
      However, I have not yet found the names of any of their children except my great grandfather, James Whittaker, so I can't really give you a positive answer.
      Vi Wagner


      V L Wagner

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