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371Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re yon/Wright and Richards

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  • Faltus
    Mar 24 1:55 PM
      I myself am 80 years old and have traced my mother's side (through the MORSE Family) back to the 1500's, my father's side to the1700's, but am at a loss trying to get my great grandmother's (Richards) side of the family. I am sure she came over on the Whaling Ship as a nanny for the Captain's (Shockley's) spouse on the Young Phenix as the paper states the ship was in the harbor in 1861 and she was working for the Shockley Family after her arrival to New Bedrord, Mass.
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      From: Faltus
      Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 3:29 PM
      Subject: Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re yon/Wright and Richards

      I have some RICHARDS in my family tree. My great grandmother was born on St. Helena her father was named Thomas and was a jeweler on the island. There was an earlier mention of a Thomas Richards about 1813 with six chindren (3 boys and 3 girls). I am attempting to find if one of the boys could have been named Thomas making him the father of my Elizabeth RICHARDS.
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      From: a.dunn7
      Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 2:00 PM
      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re yon/Wright and Richards

      Hi everyone
      I am new to all this and i am trying to trace back my family tree on
      both sides of the family, both sides of the family are from st,helena
      my dad,s parents were john and gertrude richards my dad was sydney
      richards my mum is dulcie fowler now, was richards nee yon her parents
      were hermann amos yon and emma victoria wright they married on the 26th
      dec 1906 i have a name for my ggran as agnus yon but father down as
      james stephens? my nan emma had a sister isabella i would like to find
      out more about my relations and would be grateful of all input to help
      were to look it is my mum,s eightieth birthday next year and i would
      like to be able to make her a family tree

      with thanks in anticipation


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