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367Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Whittaker and Wright Ancestors

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  • Crystal Williams
    Mar 21, 2006
      Hi Violet
      Did James and Louisa have a daughter or granddaughter also named Louisa?  (My great-great grandfather (John Solomons) married a Louisa from the island late 1800's - but I don't have a surname or date of marriage - they had 4 children.  All I have is her name Louisa and she was definitely from the island - so I am picking up on any leads with the name Louisa. 
      Crystal - Cape Town - SA

      Violet Wagner <Wagnerv@...> wrote:
      I've recently discovered that James Whittaker and Louisa Wright who  were married on St Helena were my great great grandparents. James, who was in the St Helena Regiment, married Louisa on 6th August 1831.  I found this entry in the Parish Registers at the British Library Oriental  & India Office Reading Room three years ago and found them again in the BMDs for Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape last October, linking through from Estate files at the Cape Archives. 
      From Eric Walker's "History of South Africa" I gather that the Regiment was used in the wars on the Eastern Cape frontier, and that St Helenians were brought to PE and other places in the Cape as workers.  In the BMDs there is an indication that Louisa could have been a midwife as she was present at a large number of births.  There is a death entry for the old man but none for her. The family stayed in Tarkastad for some time, my great grandmother Susan Whittaker nee De Waal died there in 1915 and the family seemed to have moved to Cradock before scattering around South Africa. There were stories in the family about a St Helena connection. 
      James' age was recorded as 90 years old when he died in 1904, so, he would have been  born about 1814, if this is right.  This would make him 17 years old when he married Louisa!!  
      I still have a lot of work to do to back up all the links and am spending a few months in the UK to do this.    I would welcome advice from anyone who's tread this path before.
      Vi Wagner
      UK and RSA.


      V L Wagner

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