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36I'm new, andI have a question re RICH

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  • brillientgjr
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Greetings from New Zealand...via Australia where I live with my wife
      at the mo. My name is Graham Rich. I am 48 years old. I am keen to
      find a bit of histor about my family name...RICH. I am a
      genealitterate. i.e. I've never made any genealogical enquiries
      before, but thought I'd try this. Can you help? Here's what I know...
      My father was born in Cape Town, SA,in 1924. He died 20 years ago.
      His father was Thomas William RICH, born in SA in 1870. TWR's father,
      a Walter Thurston RICH was born in St Helena, was a woodworker, and
      moved to SA. WTR's father, a Walter RICH was born and died in St
      Helena.(although I have another note that he left St Helena for SA
      with his 3 sons as his wife was a drunk?) He was something to do with
      the chief maid at the St Helena Royal Castle (is there such a
      place??!!) So this must have been about the ealy 1800's. That's as
      far back as I go and as much as I know.

      So...waht do I do now?

      I know nothing about St Helena, sorry, and my family in SA know
      nothing more than I have written. Thanks. G