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330Farnell and Thornton inquiries

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  • a3a12902
    Jan 22, 2006
      Hello from Canada
      In researching my wife's family tree I have found an ancestor who
      married not just one but two women born in St Helena, around 1829 if
      the census data is to be trusted. Seeking any information you all may
      have on the following names;

      Eliza Charlotte Farnell or Charlotte Eliza Farnell, b. circa 1829
      In England for the 1881 census, married to Matthew Hutchinson of Pudsey
      Yorkshire in 1882.

      Charlotte Thornton, also born circa 1829, married to Matthew Hutchinson
      of Pudsey, Yorkshire in 1849.

      Thanks in advance for even the most remotely related info

      George Roberts
      North Vancouver, Canada