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328RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] (unknown)

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  • Marion Merlynn
    Jan 19, 2006
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      Good morning Ricky
      Do you know if there are any HOPKINS family residing on St Helena.
      My ggmother's cousin PHOEBE ISABELLA HOPKINS was born on the
      island abt 1898.  She arrived in SA (as a slave I believe) abt 1914 and married a
      HARWOOD abt 1924.  I would like info on her family members if possible.
      I would also like to know if I could get confirmation of her birth/baptism. She
      belonged to the Church of England in SA.  Her father arrived in St Helena from
      Wales.  No other details available.  However, someone on the island might remember
      her or be connected to her in some way.
      Any assistance at all would be most welcome.
      Merlynn Marion
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      Dear Ricky,
      Will you be able to tell me if there  still are
      Thomas families left on the Island?
      My great grandfather, Richard Thomas,  left
      St Helena  for South Africa. I am sure that
      some relatives remained behind and their
      offspring may still be on the Island still.
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      hiya Trian
      my name's Ricky Thomas was born on the island am now 40 dont know how old you are or where you are from i live here in the UK in Kent and know alot f people still on the Island dont know your grandmother but if you know of any know family member still on the Island, if you could give me a name or names i am sure i would beable to find out where your grandmother is.
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